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Government Shows a Flash Of Marketing Brilliance

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Other than the nice folks that work for the government most people think that the government just likes to raise taxes and spend their money. This may or may not be true, but that’s not what I wanted to comment on today, this is a marketing blog after all.

If you are a business owner you always need to be on the look out for ways you can improve your business, you want to adopt and adapt. Well who would of thought that the state of Minnesota, (that’s were I live) had a clue about marketing? Well they do and they are doing something most small to medium size businesses don’t do.

What is it you ask?

I got a notice in the mail that my car tabs needed to be renewed, along with that notice was three separate pieces of paper that were advertising for different companies. WOW!

I didn’t check this all out, but I will make some assumptions. First assumption, the state didn’t figure this out on their own. There is probably a company out there that works with state billing departments that handles all of the details. Assumption number 2, the state makes a profit from these advertisers that either makes a profit or at least pays for the mailing, so it’s a break even for the state at a minimum. Next assumption, getting direct mail open is very difficult to do, every person that receives a bill from the state opens it. That’s a 100% open rate!

Last assumption; if you own a small to medium size business you probably don’t do this. Why not? The easiest thing to do would be to contact your customers that own a business and ask them if they would like to advertise in your billings? You could do this for a set fee, you could get paid a percentage of their sales, or if nothing else you could let some really good customers do it for free so they continue to be really good customers.

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