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Business Owners, What Do You Know?

Friday, March 27th, 2009

This is an idea that is a little out of the box, but it will still bring in revenue.

Chances are you do things in your business that other businesses don’t know how to do. For sure you know more
about running a business than someone who is just getting into business, right? Maybe you have found ways
to be more productive, or ways to sell something, or different ways to buy something, the list can go on and on.

Here is an example, how did Ford make cars so cheap? Right, Henry invented the production line. There were other car manufacturers at the time, but none of them were using a production line to build cars. I don’t think Henry sold the idea, but he could have. Today we call that intellectual property.

So what does all of this come down to? You know stuff other business owners don’t! If you can write it down, or make videos, or audios about what you do other business owners will buy your knowledge if it will save them time, save them money, or make them money.

The “How To” market is a big market, you can find information on how to do just about anything. Why not sell your how to business knowledge?

No go sell something.

Take care,