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Small Business Sales Tip – 5

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

I read an article the other day that got me thinking about lumpy mail.

Do you know what lumpy mail is?

I’ll tell you in a minute, but here is what got me thinking about it. Did you know that there is a guy in the White House that goes through all of the mail for the President everyday and decides what will be passed on to the President? What a cool job, I’ll bet he sees some real strange things. Anyhow one very creative person mailed the President a 6″ piece of base board molding. It was covered with postage stamps, a return address,  the address to the White House and a note to the President that said, ” Dear President Obama, Please make taking care of the housing market your first priority.

Now that is creative, it did get passed on to the President and he did respond back to the sender.

Smart advertisers know a lot about what makes people tick. They know that we are very curious about things and we have to satisfy our curiosity. So they came up with the idea of lumpy mail.

Lumpy mail is a piece if mail that has something inside it besides flat paper, it protrudes, it feels lumpy, and it creates curiousty. It causes your recipient to open the envelope, which of course is your first objective when you mail something.

If you do any mailing try lumpy mail for your next drop, it works very well.

No go sell something.

Take care,