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Small Business Copywriting-Get Your Readers Excited!

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Once you have gotten your reader’s attention you need to get them excited about your product.  This is critical when writing because they cannot experience your product firsthand before purchasing.  Stirring the reader’s emotions will make them want to learn about your product and possibly purchase it.

In order to excite your audience you must first determine who your audience is.  Is it business professionals, housewives or football enthusiasts?  Different things are exciting to different people.  Knowing your audience and their interests will help you figure out how to best get them excited about your offerings.

The colors you use on your sales page are an important part of getting your audience’s attention and getting them excited.  Tranquil, peaceful colors are great for a spa because they are soothing.  They are not good for a sales page because of the exact same reason.  Using high contrast, complimentary colors will put your audience in the right mood to read your message and act on it.

Action Words

Using action words in your copy is an important part of advertising.  Writing in a passive voice slows down the pace of your writing and does little to entice your readers to act now.  The various forms of the verb “to be” should be avoided as much as possible.  In some cases you will have to use them but if you can find another way to state the same thing in a more active way it will be to your advantage.

For example, take this sentence  “Jane Doe is the best wedding planner in America.”  It lacks punch and action.  Try this instead  “Jane Doe will organize every aspect of your wedding to produce the ceremony of your dreams.”  This replaces the inactive “is” with two action words and adds greater detail.

Build Value

One of the primary concerns of consumers is value.  Is the product they are considering buying a good buy for the money?  Are there other products available that will provide more bang for their buck?

This provides you with another opportunity to get readers of your sales copy excited.  Telling them all of the problems that your product will solve will show them how great your product is.  Comparing it with other products on the market and giving evidence of how much better your product is will have them clamoring for it.

Charts are great ways to compare products.  Your product’s benefits can make up most of the comparison items.  Prices should be listed at the beginning or end.

Deadlines create added value as well as a sense of urgency.  You could make your product available for a limited time only especially if it is an intensely hands-on service.  You might choose to offer a discount for a short time.  Whatever you decide to put a deadline on, stick to it.  Not doing so will cause you to lose trust and losing trust means losing future sales.

Getting readers excited is a step in copywriting that should not be overlooked.  The ambivalent are not likely to buy your product right away and with the Internet’s notoriously short attention span they will usually not return.  Excited readers will be enticed to purchase right away, or at least sign up for your mailing list.  So if you don’t get the sale right away, you can keep yourself fresh in their minds until you do.

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