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Business Advertising and President Obama

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

I think I’ve commented on this advertising practice before, but this is so unbelievable I have to write something.

Many businesses cut their ad budget and their sales force when things get tough. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the budget is not the problem. Bad advertising and bad sales people are the problem.

Salespeople and advertising should not be costs they are investments!

So did you hear the news? President Obama, has told Chrysler that they have to cut their ad budget for the next 9 weeks by 50%.

This is a brilliant strategy, you are in trouble so don’t compete. If we wanted them to go out of business why did we loan them bailout money?

Could you imagine a bank making a small business loan and then telling the business owner that a condition of the loan is that they can’t advertise?

Never stop advertising, instead figure out how to make your advertising work.

Now here is the irony, this order came from a guy that spent more money advertising than any other political candidate in history. It worked for President Obama, but it won’t work for Chrysler.

However I must repeat this, only spend money on ads and sales people that make you money!

Now go sell something.

Take care,