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Small Business Copywriting-Give Them a Reason To Respond!

Monday, June 1st, 2009

The purpose of writing a sales page, an ad, a brochure is to have your prospect take some kind of action.  In order to do so you must get a response from the reader.  That response could be an order or a sign-up to a mailing list, a visit to your business, a call to your business, any kind of next step. I like to call this MDR, “most desired response”.  In order to get a response you must give the reader a reason to respond.

The primary reason for a prospect to respond to a sales letter is the product itself.  If the product will solve the customer’s problem then its benefits are clear. If it is proven to be a great value then the product could stand alone as a reason for a response.  There is much more you can do to trigger the response you want from your readers.


Everyone loves getting something for free.  Adding a bonus or package of bonuses to your product will encourage readers to respond favorably to your offer.  There are numerous things you can offer as bonus some of which do not cost you a dime.  Here are some ideas:

* Special reports and short Ebooks make great bonuses.  You could write these on your own and your only investment would be your time.  You could solicit permission from a fellow marketer to use a special report he or she wrote as a bonus.  This gives him or her added exposure while providing you with a valuable bonus for your customers.

Another option would be to pay someone else to write a special report for your use.  A ghostwriter will write a report for you and allow you to put your name on it.  Prices vary, but the cost should be easily recoverable with a few sales.

* Free trials are valuable bonuses.  They allow customers to try out subscriptions or memberships without paying.  Again, the program or publication could be your own or someone else’s.

* Checklists and other supplementary tools complement your product and add value.  These work especially well with information products but you can find something to go with just about anything.


A limited-time discount gives your readers a reason to respond and a reason to do so quickly.  Deadlines are the key here because an immediate response is what you are looking for.  Sticking with the deadline is an absolute must if you want to keep the trust of your customer.

A package discount could encourage customers to purchase multiple items if you have them to offer.  If selling tangibles, you might offer a discount if buying two or more.  This increases your sales and gives customers a bargain.

Free E-Courses

A free E-course is a great way to get the reader to join your mailing list.  This could be offered on its own without a purchase to encourage the reader to return and purchase at a later date.  It could be offered as a bonus to keep other offerings in your reader’s inbox.

In order to get a response, you need to give readers a reason to respond.  Laying out your product’s benefits clearly might be enough.  Adding something extra will make your offer even more palatable.

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Now go sell something.

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