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My name is Blase DesMarais

I’ve been in sales since I was 11 years old I am now 57. It’s a long story that I can tell you some other time if you’re interested.

I got interested in marketing in 1989. A letter I received blew me away it was from Jay Abraham selling his 400 page Mr. X book. At the time I thought a buck a page was nuts, but he guaranteed it so I bought it.

Sales and marketing have been my passions ever since.

Of course I’ve purchased a lot of info since. I think my current library is worth around $90,000.00.

In my career I have been a salesman, area sales manager, regional sales manager, national sales manager, and a national sales and marketing manager.

This all lead to my business (GSSAM) Guaranteed Success Sales and Marketing www.gssam.com
Which is all about how I help small businesses… Attract… Convert… and… Keep more customers.