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I have told you before that I watch TV because I like the ads. Now I admit you have to watch a lot of bad TV to get to those ads, but a guy has got to do what a guy has got to do, right?

All good marketers keep what is called a swipe file, this is a collection of all of the good copy you come across. Well, I’ve taken that further and keep notes on good TV and radio ads.

So what has caught my attention?

Have you seen or heard the Corti Slim ad? It’s a diet pill; I think it’s one of those pills that make it hard for your body to digest carbos.

I think the guy doing the ad is the owner of the company and he comes off very well, most owners should not do their own ads by the way.

Anyhow here is what I liked about this ad. One of the reasons prospects don’t buy is because they don’t trust you, I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

So how can you get them to trust you? Well Corti slim has done it three ways so far.
When they first started to advertise they were just on the radio with late nightspots, these are the cheapest. Their ad was giving away a free 30-day supply of Corti Slim. Do you think this will build trust? If there is anyway you can give your prospects a free sample or a free trial do it.

Now I didn’t call for a free bottle, but I am willing to bet if you did you also got follow-up letters from Corti Slim trying to sell you more. You may have even been asked to make a purchase of another product when you called to request your free bottle.

The point is giving away a free bottle builds trust.

I didn’t order the free one, but I did think to myself, “it must be good stuff if they are willing to let me try it for free”.

The free ads went off the air, as a matter of fact they even told you on the radio that this free offer was ending and it did, that built more trust. Why? Because they did what they said they were going to do. How often to you see people doing what they say they are going to do these days?

Now the ads are on both TV and radio. Obviously it was in their marketing plan to expand to TV once they could afford it.

These ads are also building trust. The ads talk about how many thousands of people have reordered Corti Slim. I heard one ad were he said the entire population of Green Bay, WI has reordered Corti Slim, man does that give it a word picture and build trust.

Think about what he is saying to you, “our product is so good that XXXX amount of people have reordered it” your mind is telling you this has to work, it must be good. This is also a form of a testimonial, if 337,467 people have reordered isn’t that a testimonial that this is a good product? Of course it is, if it was garbage they wouldn’t reorder now would they?

He has done one other thing; he does have user’s giving actual testimonials for the product, which builds trust.

So what do you need to do?

You need to build trust, this can be done in a number of ways testimonials is just one of them.

If you need testimonials let people try your product first for free and then ask them for a testimonial.

Corti Slim was smart enough to tell their prospects how many customers reordered. Do you even know how many of your customers buy again? This is called the lifetime value of a customer and it’s something you can learn more about in my manual “Guaranteed Success Sales and Marketing”, which you can get at

Now would you please go apply this to you business and skyrocket your sales?

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