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Do You Joint Venture? – Advertising

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Joint Venture or JV, it goes by a lot of names and has been around since dirt.
But I am amazed that most small business owners don’t do it.

I had to fly about a month ago and I am always on the look out for different
ways that businesses market.

Right there on my flight was a JV.

I had my soda or pop depending on where you live and of course along with it
came my little bag of peanuts.

US Air and Fisher Joint Venture

Well I’ll be, will you look at that, a coupon. How many bags of nuts do you
think Us Air hands out? I had three by the way.

Now I don’t have any idea what kind of arrangement Fisher and US Air have.
I doubt Us Air gets the peanuts for free. Maybe it’s not a joint venture at all
maybe Fisher is just smart enough to turn their bag into a coupon.

No matter what it is or how it works I’ll bet it sells Fisher peanuts!

Now put your thinking cap on, how can you do a joint venture?

Go sell something,