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I had a shocking experience today that forced me to make this post.

I live in Mpls. MN and on the radio stations in my area I am hearing a radio
commercial that is bashing other banks that use push button phone trees
when their customers call in.

You know what I am talking about, push 1 for Spanish, push 2 for English,
then push 1 for this department, then push 2 for this department and so on.

Most people I talk to get pretty frustrated with this and the bank that is doing the
ad doesn’t use phone trees. A human actual answers the phone, what is this
world coming to?

Who would have thought that a great USP, (unique selling proposition) would be
we actually answer our phone?

Well, my shock of the day was when I called Swanson’s today, they are a very well known vitamin company. I figure the are well know because even my 83 year old mother orders from them.

Back to the shock… yah, you guessed it, Katie answered the phone on the first ring!

I had to pause a moment to adjust to the fact that I was talking to a human and didn’t first have to push 2 so they knew I spoke English, and then the #3 button to talk to a sales person.

So how does this apply to your business? If I really need to explain it you may want to think about a career change.

Now go sell something,

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