Give Them A Hummer – Business Advertising

I met a very interesting women awhile back here name is Linda Richardson. She is involved in business venture that I was gathering information about.

Linda and I were talking all about sales and marketing as a matter of fact we talked at a local coffee shop for 4 hours. Linda was keeping up with me talking about the lifetime value of a customer, and how businesses don’t stay in contact with their customers and so forth.

I happened to mention Jay Abraham, she had never heard of him, I mentioned Dan Kennedy, she had never heard of him either. Now I am in shock this women has forgotten more about sales and marketing than most business owners know and she learned it all by herself. She even keeps a swipe file, but she didn’t know that’s what you called it. Incredible! Linda you have my respect and my hat is off to you.

Linda shared something with me that I hope hits home with you. One of the things that Linda does is she sells leads. She told me that a lot of her new customers ask her how responsive the leads are? Now I am already laughing, but I let her continue with her story. She told me that she has developed an answer for that question. She tells the customer, “well that depends, if you are going to give away a free magnet or a free cheap ballpoint pen if the prospect comes to your business I can almost guarantee your response will be zero. However if you would like a 100% response rate I would suggest giving away a free Hummer. I can assure you that people will be lined up down the block to get a free $65,000 truck.”

Did you get her point? The point is “What’s Your Offer?”

Most small businesses say this type of advertising doesn’t work or that doesn’t work. Here is a marketing secret for you it’s usually not the media that doesn’t work it’s a lousy ad that doesn’t work. You need to understand human nature. You need to understand what is good copy and what’s bad copy. Now if you’re sitting there thinking, I do just fine thank you, and you don’t know this stuff you could be doing a whole lot better.

To boil it down for you, ask yourself this question the next time you read any ad.
The question is “What’s In It For Me?” If the ad you are reading answers this question it’s on the right track.

Now go sell something.

Take care,

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