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Ideas for articles come from the strangest places. Some how I became a subscriber to “Women’s Business” magazine, while reading the last issue out popped another idea.

“The Package”

This is one of those things you already know about, but probably aren’t doing in your business. The article was about a woman named DeBora Bernick. Debora is a very successful entrepreneur in the bridal and prom dress industry. She mentioned in her article that she has an infinite number of competitors so to differentiate her dresses from everybody else she designs purses to match the dress! She also has matching shawls, jewelry, garters, gloves, and even nail polish.

Pretty simple idea, right? What did Mrs. Bernick do here? She put together a great package. She also is providing a huge benefit to the woman that buys one of her dresses.

My daughter went to prom and what a hassle that was, I never knew how important a matching purse was until she went to prom.

Could this idea be improved upon? In my experience I think matching shoes would be helpful and if the dress store could work out a deal (joint venture) with a local hair saloon, make-up artist, limo service, restaurant, and hotel you would have a goldmine business and some nice commissions or referral fees plus the original sale.

Is this a new idea?

Of course not, there are package deals everywhere if you are looking. A little restaurant named McDonalds makes a fortune off of packaged deals. As a matter of fact I find it more difficult to order off the menu than to just order a number 5. They’re selling a package deal and until recently they also used an up-sell, “would you like that super sized?”

So what’s all of this to you? Are you selling any package deals? Why not? It will increase your sales, people are getting a better deal and they don’t have to think. Why not combine products that go together and that your customers or clients need and make their life easier?

You don’t sell a physical product you say. No problem you can offer a package of services just as easy. Let’s take a dentists office for example, many people don’t have dental insurance. Why couldn’t a dentist offer his own dental insurance plan? He gives a discount to the insurance companies now why not extend that to his cash customers. This would keep them coming back, build goodwill and increase referrals. If my dentist told me that I could buy a package of check ups and cleanings for my family and I saved a few bucks in the deal I’d buy it and I think lots of other people would too.

Teeth whitening is really hot right now, how hard would it be to offer a package deal to a client when they come in for a check up and cleaning to say, “Mr. DesMaris are you aware that we also whiten teeth and as long as you are here today we will do your teeth for 40% off and we’ll take 10% off your check up and cleaning if you do it right now.

Put your thinking cap on what can you package?

No go sell a package!

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