No You Can Not Mail That – Business Advertising

I just don’t get it!

But, first a story before I rant.

Years ago my mother in-law told me that she didn’t like salesman, I was one at the time.

So I suggested to her that there were a number of communist countries that she could move to and her problem would be solved. I mentioned that Cuba was close, of course I also told here she may end up eating dirt in that impoverished country, but at least there were no salesmen.

So here is my rant.

We have a do not call list for your home phone, and we have one for your cell phone. We have tons of regulations about what can be said in advertising, we have tons of regulations about contacts and rescinding contracts.

Now we have 15 states deciding if they should have legislation to have do not mail lists.

If you are not in sales and marketing please do not read anymore of this it will just drive you nuts.

Of course I understand all of the arguments for the “do not whatever” lists, here is what I don’t understand. The USA is a capitalist nation; we were founded on free enterprise. Our economy is moved when something is manufactured or a service is preformed and they are sold for a fee. Then the process is repeated.

I was told years ago that statically every sales person supported three to four thousand people by their efforts.

So what happens when we are no longer permitted to sell something? How many people have we already put out of jobs because of … “do not” lists,  local, state, and federal regulation that prevent business from working?

Case in point, the EPA announced two weeks ago that American car manufactures are going to have to improve the emissions for new cars, again.  The standards are getting tougher. Aren’t these the same car manufactures that can’t make a profit now and we are bailing them out?

That’s what we need more laws to make it harder and more expensive for the consumer.

So if you want to sell something or you believe in free enterprise and the right to work and your state is considering a do not mail list, a call to your local politician may help stop the insanity.

End of rant.

Now go sell something,

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