Small Business Copy Writing – Ridiculous Marketing!

I was going through some files and found this.

It’s a reprint of an article I wrote over a year
ago, but it just seemed to fit into this conversation
about copy writing so here it is…

I just had the most ridiculous marketing experience.

I am a subscriber to a magazine called “Target Marketing” it’s what you would call a trade magazine. There are articles about doing mailings and response rates and so on.

Today I got an email from “Target Marketing” asking me if I would take a small survey. Being the curious person that I am and always wanting to know the who, what, why, how, and when I decided to take it.

The survey showed you an ad then asked you different question about the ad, like was it easy to read? Did you like the look of the ad and so on.

Here is what I think is so ridiculous. I can’t say that I know what that data is going to be used for. What I can tell you is that for the most part the people that read “Target” are in the industry.

They are the people that make those ads, or work for the companies that run those ads.

So what in the world do the responses to this survey have to do with anything? Of course there are a few people like me that subscribe, but I doubt they care about what I say because I have an old school idea about advertising. I actually believe that the best survey to take regarding your
advertising is to let the prospect vote with their money!

Now there is an idea, if the ad sells and you made more than you spent you are off to a good start. Now take that ad and call it your control piece. Take the same ad and make one change to it, may I suggest a small change in the offer first, and run it again and see if your response goes up or down. Keep repeating the process until you think it’s perfect and keep running it until you start to lose money.

I know it sounds simply, the plan is, but getting a great ad is not as easy. The first trick is to find a copywriter that knows something about sales. I am amazed at the advertising people that I met that know absolutely nothing about sales!

How do you write and ad to sell something, which is harder than selling face to face and not know anything about sales? Of course if you have a huge ad budget it’s not about sales it’s about branding, but that’s for another article.

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