Small Business Copywriting – Keep Them Coming Back!

So you’ve got your reader’s attention and they are excited.  You’ve even gotten a response from them in the form of either a sale or a lead.  Now what?

You want your prospects and customers to come back.  If they didn’t make a purchase you want them to when the time is right.  If they did, you might have something else to offer them.  In both cases you need to keep your business fresh in their minds so they will return.

Mailing Lists

One of the primary ways to keep visitors coming back is through a mailing list.  A mailing list may take several different forms such as the following:

* Site updates – If you have a website that is relevant to the product or service you are selling you could encourage prospective customers to sign up for site updates.  This does, however, limit your contact with them to the occasions when you update your site.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t include information about products and encouragements to purchase them though.

* Newsletters – Newsletters allow you to touch base with your readers on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.  They allow you to share valuable information with them and gaining trust along the way.  You can also use them to promote special offers or upgrades.

* E-courses – An E-course is a set of informational mailings sent out at regular intervals.  Ideally it should be closely related to the product you are promoting, but should not give everything away if that product is also informational.  An E -course can help establish you as an expert in your field and leave your visitors hungry for more.  Those two things can lead to more sales.

Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are often offered offline but there is no reason that you can’t offer them online as well.  You could offer gift certificates or a percent off of the customer’s next purchase after a purchase of a certain amount.  If you are selling tangible products, free shipping can be offered to reward repeat purchases.

Before you institute a loyalty program it is important to weigh its costs against its benefits.  You are, after all, in business to make a profit.  Discounts or freebies should be significant enough to please customers but small enough to maintain profitability.

An Informative Website

Setting up an informational website or blog with regularly updated content is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your customers coming back.  Providing fresh articles and news for your visitors will breed confidence in your expertise and give you the opportunity to promote your products or services extensively.

If you are blogging setting up an RSS feed allows your visitors to have the latest from your blog delivered to their desktop, feed reader or other applications.  This will keep you and your offerings fresh in their minds.

Some people take longer to make a purchasing decision than others but if you let them forget about you it could result in a lost sale.  That’s why keeping customers and potential customers coming back is a key concern in online marketing.  Offering free information or incentives will give them a reason to remember you and leave a good impression that will stay with them until they are ready to buy.
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