Small Business Marketing – Advertising That Pays

I want to talk about something you don’t hear a lot about.

Probably because it has to do with the subject most people
hate, math!

Yep, math in your sales and marketing.

Here’s the deal, depending on what kind of business you’re
in you probably track a lot of things now. At a minimum even
if you are a one man band you keep track of how much you make
and how much you spend.

So why wouldn’t you track your sales and marketing efforts?

Let’s keep it simple. Let’s say you have one ad that is
advertising your business.

I don’t care if it’s a display ad, a radio ad, a magazine ad,
or an Internet ad, it doesn’t matter.

You need to track how many leads that ad brings you. If you
are selling something directly you need to keep track of how
many sales you make from that ad.

Now you need to run another ad in the same place and make one
small change to that ad. I am not going to cover what to change

Now measure the leads or sales brought in from that ad. Which
one was better?

Keep running the better ad, make another ad with another small change
and run it. Which one was better? Run that one, keep doing this
until you can’t beat your best ad.

So, why do all of this work? Simple, it will make a huge
difference on your bottom line.

When you buy an ad you are paying X amount of dollars no matter
how successful the ad is. The more successful it is the less
you are paying to get a lead or a customer and you are making
more money because your ad is converting better.

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