Small Business Sales – Don’t Do This!

This is another story about a business that may be in trouble and it’s their own fault.

I really want to start naming names, but lets just say this is the story of a trip to the hardware store in a suburb outside of Mpls, MN.

I needed to pick up an adapter plug, one that takes 3 prongs and converts it to 2. So I thought the local hardware store would be my best bet.

I walked in and there was a guy sitting up front he didn’t say anything to me because he was talking to another employee. So I went back into the electrical department and looked around. I am pretty sure I found where the plugs should be, but I couldn’t spot it.

So I walked up front and told the guy at the counter what I was looking for and that I didn’t see it. His was response was, “I don’t know what to tell you.” Now this is not a teenager that I would expect to get that response from this is a 50’s something wearing the hardware store shirt.

So I asked the guy if he could look in case it was there and I was just missing it. His response to that was, “YOU WANT ME TO LOOK!?”

I told him no don’t trouble yourself and walked out.

I went across the street to a grocery store because sometimes they have a small household section. I found a young man stocking shelves and told him what I was looking for. His response, sure we have them right over here.

If your employees can’t get off their backside to help a customer you need to fire that employee. Every business owner I talk to is complaining about the economy. The economy had nothing to do with losing this sale.

Now go sell something,

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