Small Business Sales Tip – 2

I am amazed when businesses don’t do this.

If you are smart business owner you are always on the look out for different ways you can improve your sales and marketing efforts because you realize one of your best sources of information is other businesses. Many businesses include some kind of sales information in their shipments or their mail.

Do you?

My advice would be to not make it just any piece of paper, but something special. With a shipment they just made a purchase so they must know, like, and trust you, right? What a great time to make that customer another fantastic offer. If you don’t have anything to sell how about an offer from another business that sells a product that compliments your product? We talked about this in a previous post.

How about your mail? If I get a bill without some kind of offer in it I am amazed that someone missed that opportunity.

You have to be thinking about the next sale and how you can capitalize on every contact you have with a prospect or customer.

No go sell something.

Take care,

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