Yellow Page Advertising

Do you browse the yellow pages?

Are you thinking, “what a dumb question”?

It’s really not a dumb question, if you would start to browse the yellow pages you would start to notice some interesting things

1. All most all of the ads look alike.
Guess why? Because the yellow pages ad department laid them all out and they don’t care if your ad sells or not. Don’t let yellow pages design your ad.
How are you differentiating your self from your competition?

2. There are no powerful headlines.
Your customers are thinking “What’s In It For Me?” at this point they really don’t care about you.
Here is a huge take it to the bank thought. People that are looking in the yellow pages are ready to buy! You need to give them the BIGGEST reason (meaning benefit) that they should call you instead of your competition.
3. Lots of people use pictures that have nothing to do with what they sell.
Lots of ads have big logos that mean nothing, but they do take up space where you could include some of the following. By the way that logo that just strokes your ego costs you a lot of money.

4. Use copy with benefits, state your guarantee, most ads just have a list of features.
5. Give the prospect a reason to call, use a special report, or a discount, or a free consultation.
6. If you have room a testimonial would be good.
7. If you can get in a picture of yourself to build trust that would be good.

There is and old principle that has been used for years by sales people, it’s a little dated, but it makes a point. When you look at your ad do it do this?
1. Call some one’s attention.
2. Create interest.
3. Instill desire.
4. Call the prospect to take some kind of action.

This is not the complete checklist of everything you need to know about yellow page advertising, I could write a whole book on the subject, but it will give you a good start.

Now go sell something,

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